Get to know Chloe's WORK...


Here's a beautifully animated spot for Greenpeace.  Illustration/animation by the wonderful Elliot Lim. I did this spot thru Sunspots Productions (as "Chloe Morgan"), where the nice crew there can walk you through all steps of your project.

Here's a super popular spot for Google's trivia game, A Google a Day. I did this one with the great folks at ProComm Voices.

Here’s me talking about my process… Video by the wonderful Bob Peck and Mountains to Sea Films.

Here's a progressive, empathetic spot I did with Brooklyn-based creative group Madwell (check out their website) for Happy Family Organics.

Here's a crowdfunding spot I did for the groundbreaking, Portugal-based, technology-forward blockchain company, Holo.

I worked with on this little empowering number.

Since 2001, EcoMedia has positively impacted more than 30 million people in need - that's roughly one in ten Americans. I get to voice lots of the videos that explain the good work they do. This is another spot I did thru ProComm!