Get to know Chloe's WORK...


Here's a beautifully animated spot for Greenpeace.  Illustration/animation by the wonderful Elliot Lim. I did this spot thru Sunspots Productions (as "Chloe Morgan"), where the nice crew there can walk you through all steps of your project.

I did this one thru Sunspots Productions. Owl Car Cam - Video security for your car. For crashes, traffic stops, break-ins, dents and those OMG moments.

Choreographer Merce Cunningham took chances. Over a seven decade career, his explorations reshaped dance into a new kind of art form, deeply influencing visual art, film, and music along the way. Through experimental collaborations with John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, Marcel Duchamp, and others, he became the 20th century's most influential choreographer. I was honored to voice my part in this film for Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Client: LIFELY PRUDENTIAL Agency: LEIJAS | New York, USA Original Music by NATASHA TYRIMOS | London, UK

A lovely spot I did thru ProComm for Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

Here's a super popular spot for Google's trivia game, A Google a Day. I did this one with the great folks at ProComm Voices.

A spot for POET’s “Change the World” $5000 scholarship application.

Here’s me talking about my process… Video by the wonderful Bob Peck and Mountains to Sea Films.

Here's a progressive, empathetic spot I did with Brooklyn-based creative group Madwell (check out their website) for Happy Family Organics.

I did this tech video thru ProComm Voices, for Red Hat Consulting.

Here's a crowdfunding spot I did for the groundbreaking, Portugal-based, technology-forward blockchain company, Holo.

I worked with on this little empowering number.

Since 2001, EcoMedia has positively impacted more than 30 million people in need - that's roughly one in ten Americans. I get to voice lots of the videos that explain the good work they do. This is another spot I did thru ProComm!

Disability Dialog - a campaign by The Ability Center of greater Toledo - is designed to create awareness and engage the community in a conversation about disability. Learn more at

An inspiring spot for The University of West Florida.

Tutorial for site builder giant,

Sunspots Productions found me this spot for Pigeon Forge - right around the corner from Asheville, where I live! I’ve got to check out this place.

Here’s a spot I did for a company working to close the achievement gap among students in the United States.