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RATES: Things to know

  • I use the industry-standard GVAA Rate Guide.

  • I charge for revisions/“pickups”, but not as much as is listed in the guide. Revisions are more time-

    consuming than you think (read more about that below).

  • Every time I sit down to record, it’s a billable event. This is why this handy guide is here for you! No surprises. You’ll find that all professional voice actors with sustainable careers have similar policies.

  • I can often provide a discount for scripts done in a batch (i.e., all in one sitting). You always have the opportunity to direct me live, at no extra charge, even for pickups/revisions, if you like.


I am generally working Monday thru Friday, 10am-6pm Pacific US Time.

I have my own pro studio with the following equipment:

  • 2017 MacBook Pro

  • Focusrite Saffire PRO 24DSP Interface

  • Neumann TLM-103 microphone with pop filter

  • State-of-the-art StudioBricks ONE Plus vocal booth


My fees are based on the industry-standard GVAA Rate Guide. I can get you a quote quickly, if you provide me with the following info:

LENGTH of each script (minutes/seconds or word count), including any cutdowns/shorter versions

USAGE - for each spot (including cutdowns) [Broadcast (radio/TV)? Paid social media like YouTube pre-roll? Your website and social media? At a live event? All or some of the above uses?]

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA where each spot will broadcast (if applicable) (cities, states, countries, etc.)

AIRTIME - Length of time each spot will be used, if running on anything besides your company's website and unpaid social media channels (i.e, I need to know airtime if it's running on TV, radio, paid YouTube, Pandora, FB, Spotify, etc.) (See USE POLICY below)


I can record one of 5 ways (applies to both initial recording and revisions): 

  1. I WORK ON MY OWN and deliver files to you via WeTransfer or other FTP (note that revisions after initial file delivery are $100/round - see complete revision policy below); 

  2. We schedule a LIVE, DIRECTED PHONE PATCH SESSION (No extra charge; no special software needed; I give you a call-in number and I record on my end);

  3. We schedule a LIVE, DIRECTED SOURCE CONNECT SESSION (I do not charge extra to use this option, but you must have Source Connect paid software installed to use this option; you OR I can record the session as if we were in the same studio);

  4. I schedule a LIVE, DIRECTED ISDN SESSION at a local studio with this capability (Additional fee of $100-200/studio hour applies). 

  5. I COME TO YOUR STUDIO to record. Travel fees may apply (I live in Los Angeles).

When your files are delivered from the session, your project is considered to be fulfilled. See REVISION/”PICKUP” POLICY below.

Note for videos: Working "to video" is a clunky process for a voice actor. Best to indicate if you'd like pauses in certain places, knowing that your video editor can easily create more or less space within those pauses to get just the right timing. A live session can help communicate this, but it can also be explained via email if you want me to work on my own.


When your files are delivered from the session (whether I record on my own or with you in a live session), your project is considered to be fulfilled. After initial file delivery, a revision fee applies to any changes or modifications, whether they be to script or to performance (so if you're concerned about tone, remember that there's no extra charge for a live session!). Revisions are $100 per round, per script (or per module/chapter, for courses or books). Note: Even one-word revisions (some call these "pickups") are still revisions. I assure that your revision is contextualized and matched for tone and volume. Please understand that this is a multi-step, often deceptively time-consuming process. If any round of revision includes more than 50% of the script (or module/chapter), I'll need to negotiate a special fee, not to exceed 75% of the cost of a new read. Revisions/pickups must occur before airing/use. (I do not charge for obvious file issues or blatant reading mistakes on my part, of course). Revision to a script that has already run (e.g., updated wording, updated wording for new targeting purposes) is considered an "update" and the spot is treated as a new spot. Want to be a star client and help the revision process along? Please provide something that puts the revisions in context, e.g., an .mp3/video of the working spot and a revised copy of the whole script with changes clearly noted/highlighted.


AIRED SPOTS (Radio, TV, YouTube Pre-Roll, paid social media - anything that requires buying space and targeting): Your fee includes usage of each spot for specified buy time only (buy time works in 3-month blocks, with discounts beginning at a usage of one year, called a “one-year buyout”. “Buyout” only applies to time usage, not placement usage). Extended usage time purchased after the spot’s run requires a rebuy at full rate, unless otherwise negotiated.

COMPANY WEBSITE/ SOCIAL MEDIA/ INTERNAL USE SPOTS (these are spots that include NO broadcast, pre-roll, paid use or targeting): Your fee includes the specified use of the spot in perpetuity. 




Contact me:

chloe at chloetaylorvoice dot com