Chloe Sings and Writes songs as Stephanie Morgan, And HAS A NEW eXPLORATORY POP BAND CALLED PINK MERCURY!


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Meanwhile, here are a few videos... 


Pink Mercury is an all-improvisational band that plays music in the art pop/rock/alternative genre. See other videos, including “A Rock Meditation” at

Moving Graphics - Vinyl Williams // Live Cinematography - Paul Lewis Anderson // Recorded at Spacebomb Studios in Richmond, VA // Produced by Matthew E White // Keys: Daniel Clarke // Bass: Cameron Ralston // Guitar and string arrangements: Trey Pollard // Drums: Pinson Chanselle // Mixed by Al Weatherhead in Richmond, VA // Mastered by One Up in Atlanta, GA //

A single from "Chrysalism" by Stephanie Morgan, recorded at Spacebomb Studios in Richmond, VA. Cinematography: Paul Lewis Anderson Players: Stephanie Morgan, vocals Trey Pollard, guitar Daniel Clarke, mellotron & keys Cameron Ralston, bass Pinson Chanselle, drums.